Top 3 WWE Events In History

The WWE has been around for a very long time, and many people will struggle to remember some of the best wrestling events that have come from the world-famous organisation.

If you’re an absolute professional wrestling fanatic then it might be easy for you to pinpoint some of the best events that have occurred with the most drama and best fights of all time, but if you’re a casual watcher you probably won’t be able to pick three off the top of your head.

It is especially difficult to pick three, even for someone making a comprehensive ranking, simply because the WWE has had so many popular and successful events through the course of its history. They’ve had events that have been successful strictly because of the number of pay-per-view watchers it obtained, and other events that have gone down in folklore because of the drama and the matches that viewers could witness.

Let’s go through three of the best WWE events of all time.

  1. 2011 Money In The Bank

The Money In The Bank series and fights are the personal favourites of many hardcore WWE fans in the world, simply because the format and ring layout of these fights make them simply irresistible to amazing flying moves and finishing combos.

The 2011 edition of the Money In The Bank series was simply one of the most exciting and thrilling double headers fights the sport has ever seen. Many people would even argue that this era of WWE was one of the greatest ever as you had fighters like Bautista, John Cena, and the Undertaker all in their absolute professional wrestling prime.

If you want to go back and watch some WWE golden era matchups, try the 2011 Money In The Bank fights.

  1. No Way Out 2001

The 2001 edition of the No Way Out fights are what some WWE fans consider the most brutal professional wrestling fights to ever be aired on live television, and for good reason.

The No Way Out fights are meant to be brutal and challenging on the wrestlers, and the fact that the 2001 special featured an incredible matchup between Triple H and Stone Cold gave us one of the greatest nights in the history of the sport. 45 minutes of pure aggression and focus from these two WWE titans in the ring.

  1. Wrestlemania Seven

You can ask any WWE fan which night was the best in the history of the show and most will point to Wrestlemania Seven as the pinnacle of professional wrestling. Can it even get any better than what we witnessed that night? Probably not in all honesty.

The main event of that showcase – The Rock vs Stone Cold, might be the best WWE fight of all time and makes it worth watching on its own.

The undercards were as incredible as finding great PGA betting odds, making this undoubtedly the most exciting, theatrical, and jaw-dropping event in WWE history.