The Shortest Matches In The WWE

Most avid wrestling fans would prefer that their favourite pros duke it out for hours at a time, putting on a show that’s worth every cent. But sometimes this simply isn’t the case; sometimes a wrestler pulls off the right set of moves in just the right way and takes their opponent down in record time.

In fact, it’s such a commonality within the wrestling industry that there are multiple examples of WWE matches being cut short unexpectedly, as we will take a look at here.

JLB vs. Rey Mysterio

This one took place during Wrestlemania 25. Before the bell was even run, JBL was already on attack mode, ignoring the warnings from the ref and ready to take down his opponent. They had to restart the match, and once the ref had officially begun, it only took around 20 seconds in total for Mysterio to claim the victory. It was one of the fastest and most potent takedowns in wrestling history, and one that JBL has certainly never forgotten, especially considering how eager he was to win.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

Another case of one wrestler acting more macho before the match had even started, but this time it saw Daniel Bryan beginning by giving his girlfriend a kiss and entering the ring puffed with confidence. Of course, it never quite works out as one expects it to, and before long – 18 seconds to be exact – Sheamus had wiped the floor with Bryan and quickly became a legend within the wrestling halls of legend.

The Rock vs. Big Boss Man

The Rock is considered by many to be one of the greatest WWE stars that the world has ever known. Not only is he a great wrestler, but his charisma both on and off the stage meant that he had garnered a huge fan base that would always endeavour to watch all his matches.

There are a lot of famous matches in WWE history, but it’s perhaps The Rock’s take-down of Big Boss Man that most people remember. And there are a lot of reasons that it’s memorable, but the most important one is that The Rock took his opponent down in what was then a world record: just five seconds in total.

Chris Jericho, Jerry Lawler, Tazz, Naked Mideon

One of the most famous matches of all time, and one that probably haunts Tazz enough that he probably wished he stayed at home and watched TV or played the pokies online NZ has to offer instead.

He was given Naked Mideon as his teammate, something that came as a surprise to him on the night. They were both getting ready to fight, but as soon as the bell rang, Jerry Lawler wasted no time whatsoever before he rolled over Tazz and effectively brought the match to an end.

And while it’s no doubt a stain on Tazz’s CV, it quickly set a record for being the fastest WWE match of all time.