The Most Common Injuries Among Pro Wrestlers

Like any kind of contact sport, injuries are bound to happen, and wrestlers are especially prone to all manner of injuries, both relatively benign ranging all the way up to life-threatening. At the end of the day, injuries are simply a part of the game, which is why pro wrestlers always try and maintain good physical health throughout their careers.

With all that in mind, these are some of the most common types of injuries that all pro wrestlers suffer sooner or later.

  1. Dislocated Shoulders

Arm and torso twists, constant impacts, and holds can all lead to either one or both shoulders being dislocated, although both at the same time is quite rare. Often the humeral head of the shoulder comes completely out of the socket, which is the most common type of injury in the shoulder. Sometimes the dislocation can cause ligaments as well as tendons to tear, which increases overall recovery times. Wrestlers will have to focus on flexibility and strength training to minimise the chances of having their shoulders dislocated.

  1. Concussion

Concussions are much more common in contact sports than many people realise, and occur the most within professional wrestling compared to every other sport. There have been plenty of famous matches between players that show a concussion happening in real time, as well as the aftereffects of the concussion and how it affects the wrestlers.

There is not really much that a wrestler can do to lower the chances of suffering a concussion on a personal level, but pro wrestling organisers have begun to prevent certain moves and holds that are more likely to result in a concussion.

  1. Cauliflower Ear

Anyone who has played rugby for any amount of time can attest to how easy it is to get this injury. It’s a common ear problem that affects most wrestlers, and it’s caused by repeated trauma to the ear. As the Over time, blood clots begin to form within the ear, causing the ear to take on the appearance of a “cauliflower”. Fortunately, this is an easy injury to completely avoid simply by wearing the right protective head gear.

  1. Skin Infections

This might be surprising for some to learn, but skin infections are extremely common in contact sports. Due to the fact that they are almost constantly in contact when they are out in the ring, it’s easy for an infection to spread from wrestler to wrestler, which is why it’s sometimes better to stay home with the latest New Zealand live betting. This is made worse by wrestlers that share a lot of space together, such as in washrooms. There are not real easy fixes here, but pro wrestlers to have to maintain a certain degree of hygiene when they are interacting with one another.

  1. Knee Injuries

Knees are weak points on the human body and are therefore prone to being injuries. Sprains and ligament tears are the most common types of injuries that affect the knees, although the chances of it happening can be lessened with the right training.