Let’s Talk About Wrestling on Your Feet

If you’re serious about being a good wrestler, you need to focus on the basics. There are a lot of crazy moves and techniques, but when you look at a high-level match, the outsiders who have won NCAA titles and Olympic gold medals are the ones who come up with a solid basic technique. Here and there you see crazy movement, but in fact, you often see men who stay in a good position, fight hand in hand without opening the scoring, and men who do not stand in a bad position when attacking the opponent.

No matter what level you are on, it is always helpful to go back and rethink and work to your own standards, especially if you feel like you are just cruising by and never really reaching new heights.

Stance And First Contact

One of the most important things you need to do is make sure you have good posture and a good stance. Your stance is very important because you can’t have a good attack or defence if you have a bad stance. Here are some key points to consider when it comes to wrestling. Look at your level first. There should be a bend in the knees and thighs. If you are too tall, you are more open to your opponent. If your level is too low, you may be knocked down and it may be difficult to generate the energy needed to attack.

Additionally, want your back to be flat, not round. A flat back means that you connect strong muscles within it such as hamstrings, buttocks and stomach muscles. This is the muscle you need for fire and powerful kicks and punches. Make sure your hands are in front and your elbows are in place.


Another aspect to look at is the tie you’re using. If you regularly tie the collar from ear to ear, you will need to change the way you fight. There are many good ties that you can use and that will give you an advantage in terms of position. One of the best is the underhook because it gives you an inside position that puts you in a good scoring position and also makes it harder for your opponent to score on you.

Another good way to connect opponents is two in one, also called a Russian draw. From this position, the offensive possibilities are almost endless. You can hit double legs, one leg, throw, break and take off the Russian trap.

Finishing Shots

Another part of the match where you have to be good at technique is to complete the shots, especially when you are starting to compete at a higher level because it is much harder to complete the strike.

When trying to complete the shot, make sure you stay in a good position with your hips under you and your head up. Also, make sure you are still on the go. If you stop driving and move your opponent, he will be able to start working on his defence.

Another basic skill that is always overlooked is to finish the shots after your opponent breaks you. This, with the ability to score from one foot when falling on a mat, is even more valuable, just like a win when playing slots tournaments online.

The Basics Are Essential

You are not above working on the basics to improve your fight. Most professionals will tell you that the basics form part of their training programme. After all, if you haven’t got the basics then you don’t have a foundation to build on.