Is It Legal to Bet on WWE Matches?

By now, if you don’t know that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is pretty much all scripted, you’re probably not interested in wrestling at all. Every single bout, tournament and season is plotted out with villains and heroes, and the winners are all known before the fighters walk out into the arena.

So, if the matches are scripted, how can you bet on them?

The Outcomes Aren’t Publicly Known in Advance

The reason that sports betting websites and bookmakers offer odds for WWE matches and tournaments is because the general public doesn’t know the outcome. Yes, the likelihood of insider knowledge coming into play is much higher than with regular sports betting. However, most betting platforms generally only allow low bets to be placed so that it doesn’t end up involving potentially massive wins for one person.

Types of Bets Made on WWE

Betting on WWE isn’t just about who is going to win a bout and who is going to lose. This is especially true for the big tournaments and events like the Royal Rumble. With these, you can bet on various points, such as:

  • Who is going to make it to the final four
  • Who will cause the most eliminations
  • Who will spend the longest time in the ring

What’s also nice about these tournaments is that you have a wide selection of wrestlers to pick from, making the odds of winning more exciting. In some of them, you can choose between around 100 men and women.

Just like in regular, unscripted sports, WWE matches and tournaments have a whole game plan for calculating odds. The public doesn’t know who has been scripted to win. However, you can follow along for a season and see who the show writers are favoring, what kind of wins are making the headlines and even start to work out if any of the wrestlers are due a big comeback or finale.

It’s all about understanding what you’re watching and gaining an in-depth knowledge of your sport – whether it’s scripted or unscripted. If you know the players and the trends, you can easily make strong decisions around who is more likely to win and what is going to happen in a match.

Where is it Legal to Bet on WWE?

Most of the betting for WWE is done online. Many countries, like the USA and New Zealand, have strict laws surrounding sports betting and with WWE being somewhere in a grey area for sports betting, it can get even more complicated. On the other hand, countries like the UK and Ireland have more relaxed laws and have many opportunities for betting on WWE.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t bet on WWE at an online NZ casino, you just may need to do some research before selecting the site you place your bet with. As with any online gaming and betting, it’s vital to ensure the platform you use is reputable and gives you legal cover.