How The Outcomes Of Professional Wrestling Matches Are Decided

The skills of professional wrestlers do not determine the result of the match. Rather, writers work on plots and storylines beforehand. Every match is yet another chapter in the story. Who wins and then who loses is all in the script.

Pro Wrestling Is Scripted In Two Senses

The first is, clearly, that match results are predetermined, and that’s the one that detractors, missing the point completely, fall back on to taunt viewers. (Although WWE did have a problem with leaked outcomes.) The second is much more important: All the planning and production which goes into the massive television broadcasts. It’s a spectacular art in and of itself as well as a look at the TV script provides a great peek at the WWE spectacle.

How Are WWE Matches Rehearsed?

As we said, WWE matches are scripted. Just as a Shakespearean play in the theatre requires rehearsals, so do WWE matches. So, just how are WWE matches rehearsed?

Generally speaking, WWE matches are rehearsed a couple of days before the event. The wrestlers will meet up and then go over the script. Usually, they’ll practise particular moves and improvise the rest. However, some WWE matches aren’t rehearsed. Rather, the wrestlers just talk about the match.

In general, WWE matches take place a few days prior to a match. Depending on the match, there can be one or more rehearsals. Otherwise, the practice may happen the night before or a few hours before the match. At times, the WWE wrestlers won’t rehearse at all and they’ll improvise the whole match instead, so the action is as exciting and what you’ll find at Canadian mobile casinos.

What Is The General Structure Of A Pro Wrestling Match?

Pro wrestling matches take place between two or more sides (“corners”). Each of the corners may consist of one wrestler, a team of two or more. Most of the pro wrestling team matches are governed by tag team rules. Other matches are free-for-alls, with a number of different combatants however no teams. In all variants, there can be just one winning team or wrestler.

Matches are held within a wrestling ring, which is an elevated square canvas mat with posts on each corner. A cloth apron will be hanging over the edges of the ring. Three horizontal ropes or – alternatively – cables surround the ring and are suspended with turnbuckles that are connected to the posts.

For safety sake, the ropes are padded at the turnbuckles. Cushioned mats encircle the floor outside the ring. Guardrails or a comparable barrier encircle this area from the audience. Wrestlers are generally supposed to stay within the confines of the ring, though matches often times end up outside the ring, as well as even in the audience, so that excitement can be added.

The basic method of scoring is the “fall” is accomplished by:

  • Pinning the opponent’s shoulders to the mat, usually for three seconds (although other times have been used),
  • Compelling the opponent to submit,
  • Disqualification of the opponent,
  • The opponent stays outside the ring for too long (count out), as well as
  • Knocking out – or otherwise incapacitating = the opponent