How Technology Has Shaped The World Of Wrestling

Wrestling has been around for thousands of years. It’s come a long way as both a sport and a major form of entertainment, proving to be adaptable to the times.

The industry is constantly embracing new technologies and innovations to push the boundaries of the sport and enhance the fan experience. It’s about much more than just watching two people rumble around.

Let’s take a look at some of the technology that has shaped the world of wrestling.

Virtual Reality Training

Virtual reality has recently become popular in a variety of industries, from online gaming to the sites that offer horse race betting. Wrestling has been no exception. The sport has seen steady adoption of virtual reality apps for body conditioning, workouts, and training.

Virtual reality allows wrestlers to perform virtual workouts at home, on their own time. Many of these apps track the number of calories burned as well as heart rate data.

The software simulates real matches and allows wrestlers to practice their fighting. They can hone in on specific skills, like timing and positioning.

The data gathered by virtual reality training allows for detailed feedback from coaches and a better understanding of the wrestler’s technique.

3D Whole-Body Scanners

Portable 3D whole-body scanners are used to monitor body changes in athletes to ensure that wrestlers are performing their best.

Once a wrestler has a full-body scan, they can share it with their trainers. Coaches can then curate unique training programs for each wrestler.

While specific training programs have always been around, this technology enables coaches to design the program much faster and with improved accuracy. They can use the data generated by the scans to target the most effective muscle groups for wrestling.

Promoters Use Technology To Reach  A Wider Audience

It’s not just the wrestlers that are benefiting from the adoption of technology, but also the fans.

Pro-wrestling is not the same as it used to be when fans watched it on a black-and-white TV. Social media and smart devices have become integral to the viewing experience, and WWE is one company that embraces this shift.

For example, the 2018 WWE SummerSlam incorporated augmented reality graphics during introductions and virtual reality into the pregame show’s coverage. The venue ceiling was replaced with graphics like swirling storm clouds and roman coliseum architecture using AR. This greatly enhanced the talent entrances.

WWE had also partnered with NextVR to bring fans WWE experiences in virtual reality. The experiences featured highlights from select special events. They were around 10 minutes long and allowed fans to see the action as though they were there.

What’s Next?

There’s always news in the world of wrestling, and the industry will continue to innovate.

Stephanie McMahon, the WWE Chief Brand Officer, said that the company was investigating opportunities that the metaverse could have in store for the wrestling industry.

Wrestling has come a long way since its times in ancient Greece. As the industry continues to adapt to societal changes it will be exciting to see what’s next for the sport.