Easy to install energy saving clothes air drying line in garage.

Manufactured in the USA

Energy Saving, Air Drying Clothesline:

Every household will save money and conserve energy with the Clotheslines Inc. newly invented garage door clothesline.  Despite the widespread use of electric-powered and gas-powered clothes dryers, it is cost-effective for families to air dry garments by hanging them on a clothesline.  The easy-to-install Clotheslines Inc. clothesline lets you take back your bathrooms by relocating the air-drying clothes to our garage door clothesline.  This exclusive clothesline is great for saving energy by allowing laundry to air dry.

Air drying clothes, lingerie and delicate clothing can extend your wardrobe's life.

An indoor clothesline is practical for home owners with legal or zoning sub-division restrictions which may prohibit extending clotheslines in backyards or home owners with limited space.

Other Uses For Our Clothesline: 

Gentlemen, it can be used for sausage / jerky processing. Just hang your sausage or jerky on the line in the security of your garage. Our garage door clothesline is also great for airing smoke filled clothing or  wet soiled items.

The Clotheslines, Inc. clothesline does not interfere with garage door operation.

Clothesline Installation:

Our clothesline installs simply in 5 minutes or less with one 7/16 wrench or pliers.  All hardware included with detailed installation instructions. Click HERE to see our clothesline installation pictures.

Clotheslines, Inc. Guaranteed:

Satisfaction guaranteed.   If not satisfied with our clothesline within 30 days,  return the Clothesline Assembly and receive a full refund, less shipping and handling.